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Coin Purchase

Selling coins and coin collections

Would you like to sell a coin collection or simply know what it is currently worth?
We evaluate expertly and guarantee purchase prices in line with the market, which we pay out immediately in cash.

Through our membership in the Berufsverband des Deutschen Münzenfachhandels, the largest European coin dealer association, we have good contacts in the world of numismatics.

We evaluate individual pieces and coin collections as a whole, basically free of charge, and provide you with a non-binding offer.
We buy gold coins, silver coins, medals and other collectors' coins directly after they have been valued and then immediately pay you the final amount in cash.
You will save yourself time-consuming research on the Internet, possible sales fees and uncertain sales transactions.
With NUMARIST you can sell easily and safely.

Our service for you:

  • always free consultation and valuation of coins
  • free exchange of DM notes and coins into Euro
  • immediate purchase against cash payment

Your coins will be sorted and evaluated before your eyes according to the following criteria:

  • nominal or material value (gold, silver, platinum, palladium)
  • circulation, rarity and market demand
  • state of preservation/condition of the coins

Selling gold coins

There are basically two criteria by which gold and silver coins can be evaluated:

a) Gold coins without a collector's value, i.e. the value is based purely on the material value. The material value is determined by weight and alloy (900, 916, 999). The proceeds are then paid out according to the daily gold rate.

b) Gold coins with a collector's value, i.e. coins whose value exceeds the pure value of the precious metal. These collector coins are valued according to their state of preservation and rarity on the market.

Grading scale: Mint state (MS), Extremely fine (XF), Very fine (VF), Fine (F); the subsequent quality grades are determined according to the amount of scratches and abrasion on the coin.

Proof quality (PL): this is a manufacturing process (special minting); these coins are intended for the collector's market only and are issued in encapsulated form.

We are particularly interested in gold coins from 1800 onwards.

Selling silver coins

Silver coins are determined either by a material value or a collector value:

a) Pure material value: Weight and alloy of silver is divided into several denominations (500, 600, 800, 835, 900, 999 etc.). The proceeds are paid out according to the respective daily exchange rate for silver.

b) We are particularly interested in silver coins with collector's value from 1800 onwards. The grading criteria corresponds to that of gold coins.

Please do not clean your coins. Improper cleaning with cloths or agents can leave scratches that reduce the value of a coin. With particularly old coins, the following even applies: the more original the condition, the better. You are welcome to bring us your coins in their current condition.

We buy bullion coins, circulation coins, coin sets, medals:

  • palladium coins
  • platinum coins
  • German Empire
  • Weimar Republic
  • third Reich
  • DDR
  • pre-Euro Currencies
  • DM Collections
  • 5 Mark coins
  • 10 Mark coins
  • Schilling Coins
  • Switzerland Coins
  • Euro Coins
  • Olympia Coins
  • Russia Coins
  • China Coins
  • Holiday money
  • Coins from (Göde, Reppa, MDM etc)
  • Munich Medals
  • Medieval coins
  • Bracteate
  • Gold guilders

For extensive collections please make an appointment.


We are a member of the Berufsverband des Deutschen Münzenfachhandels e.V., which is an association of audited domestic and foreign companies that are active in the German coin market.



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